Customer Comments

From: Waylin Goodman


 I just wanted to say thank you for all the assistance that you made possible for me. I felt as if I was a part of all the festivities and that was really  nice.
 Being Handicapped sometimes has an adverse reaction to some people,  but the whole time i was at the bike rally, I felt very excepted and well taken care of.
 Speaking of well taken care of I have to say great praise to "Big Mike", one of your security guards. This man went far beyond his duties as a security guard. He helped me and my cousin set up our RV, and helped unload bikes. Then went so far as to personally check on me when ever he was in the area of his rounds. Like I said i cannot give him enough praise. He made my time at the rally a delightful stay.
 I wanted to thank you for the close spot the the facilities. I really did appreciate all that you and your group did to help me. I do not usually say much, but this time i just have to, THANK YOU AND YOUR ORGANIZATION FOR ALL THE FUN AND ASSISTANCE.
 God bless and i hope to attend next year. But my cousin says "we need to be in the animal area next time."
Once again I had a wonderful time and I forgot all the acceptance of all the bikers. It has been along time away due to medical reasons. I hope to be more active with my son and cousin in future rallies.
                                                           Thank You For Reading
                                                               Waylin Goodman 

Name: Chris

Comment: Attended the 2006 Rally. It was a BLAST!!!!!!! Looking forward to next year!

City: Mobile

State: Alabama

Name: Michael

Comment: I had a great time at the bike rally. I just moved to the area 2 months ago and events like this make me glad I did. Cant wait till next year !

City: Crestview

State: FL