Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: Why are you discriminating against the very patrons that attend the bikefest?

A: We do not and never will discriminate against any biker. We are bikers and try our very best to provide a safe and fun environment for all that attend. We have always welcomed ALL bikers and always will welcome ALL bikers! Unfortunately due to circumstances beyond our control, it is clear that either we make this a NO COLORS event or we will not have an event, essentially ending the Emerald Coast Bikefest. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience and hope all can understand our position. Either we accept this and support the event even though we don't like it, or it will go quietly into the night like the Pensacola event. We intend to continue the Emerald Coast Bikefest in the tradition we have created, with a warm welcome to all that come.

Q: Are golf carts allowed inside the rally?

A: Golf carts are allowed in the camping area but not in the pits or vendor areas.

Q:  Will the parking for RV's be same as it always has been in the past? Rumor is there will not be as much space........please advise!

A: Oh it's definitely not true! It will be the same. In addition we've added a family campground on the south side of the track where we used to park cars. We've moved the cars up the hill to alleviate some of the congestion. In addition, we plan on having more space. We used about 20 acres last year and plan on having at least 30 available this year, possibly more.

Q: I can't open the vendor form, what's the matter?

A: You'll need Adobe Acrobat Reader to veiw or print that form. You can get it free from

Q: Why can't I hear the music on the web site?

A: Try installing an MP3 player like Microsoft Media Player.

Q: When I click on some of your links like the vendor form nothing happens. What's the problem?

A: Most likely, you have a popup blocker, disable it.

Q: Why do you charge an entry fee. Daytona and Thunder Beach is free.

A: Currently there are three different types of bike rallies. Events like Thunder Beach and Daytona that are centered in a town. Events like Bainbridge GA and Faunsdale AL that are self contained at one site and are centered around a big party, and events like Emerald Coast Bikefest and the Gulfport Memorial Day blowout that are centered around racing.
While there is no entry fee to get into Thunder Beach and Dayona, there certainly is a cost involved. The costs are passed on the the consumer through the local, restaurants, and vendors. The cost of putting on the event is shared by all business and vendors and ultimately the consumers.
Self contained and race events must charge in order to recoup the huge cost involved in putting on an event. For instance, bands, power, manpower, site preparation, port-a-lets and the list goes on and on. Rest assured, we strive to keep the entry fees to a minimum while still providing a great event.

Q: Are you going to have more room available for campers last year (2005)? It was pretty packed last year.

A: We have 58 acres available for camping of which we only used about 30 acres last year. We have another 200 acres at the end of the track we are preparing for future years. There will be plenty of room for campers.