Bike Show

Due to unforeseen circumstances the Bike Show has been cancelled for this year (2017).

The bike show will be in front of the stage (if at all possible). Please check on site for any changes.

Click here for the bike show flyer.

Rules & Notes


Any modification to the frame. Examples of custom choppers are those that have changed the rake on the triple trees, or stretched the frame. This includes bikes such as Big Dog, American Ironhorse, and homemade builds.


Any custom paint or mild modifications to a factory built bike. Examples are custom paint (you paid for a paint job) and bolt on aftermarket parts on a Harley, Victory, Honda, Suzuki, etc.


No rules but itís gotta be a RAT bikeÖas in I canít believe this actually runs!


Buells, Ninjas, GSXRS, R1 CBR, etc


Any bike with a V-Twin motor.

Japanese Cruiser

Oriental built Cruiser.


Bikes built in Europe - BMW, Triumph, Ducati, etc.


All Antique models/makes built in 1980 or before (mostly stock).

Daily Driver

Must be registered with current plates.


Three wheeled bikes.

Best in Show

This distinction is made by the judges. In their opinion this bike is the best all around bike in the show.

Disclaimer: The classes will be judged solely on the personal preferences of the judges. We donít claim that they know all about the subject matter and may not be completely sober at all times. No points may be awarded and no score sheets will be made available for review by contestants. Contestants are responsible for choosing the correct class for their bikes. No whiners or crybabies please, this is a fun event. Good Luck...youíre going to need it.